A Fresh Start


If you have been here before you will have noticed things have changed. I have been meaning to rework my website for some time, but thanks to some nice people from the internet underground I had it forced upon me. When I first started with this domain I hosted a gaming website and had a small area for people to submit screen-shots, videos etc. this site vanished about 5 years ago, but the upload folder didn’t. I had a nice e-mail from my hosts saying that my account had been compromised, and was consequently having an adverse effect on their servers. The only solution was to wipe my account and reset everything, lesson learnt. I had a look at the list of rouge files that were residing in my upload folder and it was no surprise it was causing server issues.

I have managed to rescue most of my rants from the last few years thanks to Googles cached pages, and you will see I have reposted a couple of my better posts, more to come so stay tuned. I hope you like they layout, its a lot cleaner with more emphasis on the pictures.

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